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Forensic & Security Services

We Design and implement active monitoring programs that identify and control fraudulent and/or unethical activity, and that aid in enhancing our Clients' organizations integrity.We also provide cyber forensics solutions to corporate, Government and law enforcement Agencies,& Organizations.

Procurement & Sale of ICT Equipments

We offer complete hardware and software engineering, and training, which include the sales, assembly, installation, and maintenance of computers,as well as other computer-related equipment. we also do procurement, and consultancy in this area. And we also configure, and implement LAN networks.

Cyber Services & Data Management

We protect digital content, applications, connected cars, and analyze big data. Leverage on our sophisticated system for your security and business intelligence solutions, & also Reduce your cyber risk through our security product-expertise, as we deliver excellent professional services in this area.

Hospitality & Recreational Services

We offer leisure, fitness and sport activity-services, as well as live entertainment. We also sell new sporting goods, including bicycles,footwear, camping equipment, exercise & fitness equipment, apparel and other sporting goods and accessories.

Event Hosting, Travels & Tourism

We market prepackaged travel tours & holidays to potential travellers. We also work as an online travel Agent (OTAs), and as a Company, we aggregate accommodations and transportation options and allow subscribers to choose one or many components of their trip based on price or other incentives. We are well equipped with the state of the art travel, booking, ticketing and tours packaging technology, and we do educational study tour.

Cinematography & Videography

As a Cinematographer Company, we lead a big team that consists of camera operators, light Assistants,Directors etc. and are in charge of translating the director’s idea into images that can capture the audiences’ attention and interest. We are a Videographer-Company

Oil & Gas Services

We find reservoirs and drill oil and gas wells, transport the oil from the wells to refineries, and also do construction and maintenance activities on well sites, and also provide other related services upstream, and down-stream.

Engineering services

We plan, design, & construct major facilities, including highways, water projects , energy facilities,canals, buildings, bridges, and internal Roads for Communities.

Onshore & Offshore Services

In the upstream and downstream sector, we provide Logistics and also do construction and maintenance activities on well sites, & other related sites.

Solar & Renewable Energy Services

We are fast becoming the preferred provider of efficient Solar Power Solutions,as innovation starts to deliver on the promise of a clean energy future.

Ama-Nte Real Estate

we build smart estates , homes with premium quality ,world-class real estate,luxury Homes with finishes that adapt to your lifestyle.

Music & Band Services

Ama-Nte Music provides analog and digital recording , mixing services,mastering Live recording ,mobile Studio recording, audio dubbing & voiceover , we put live into your event.

Who We've Worked With

Meet The Team


Dr. Waribo Nick Adasi-Efuya

Group Chairman


Efet Peter Wilfred

Ama-Nte Music Manager


Ephraim Ehpraim

Company’s Account Director


Gwun-orene R.Ezekiel.

ICT. Director

Ubon Rufus Ezekiel (ESQ.)

Bar. Ezekiel, Ubon Rufus

Company’s Legal Adviser.


Ms. Josephine J. Ntene

Head of Event Management Operations.

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